Improvements to our transportation system will make our community stronger, safer, and more economically vibrant.

Sponsored by the Southeast Florida Transportation Council (SEFTC) through a collaboration of the Florida Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The SEFTC Regional Travel Survey will select a sample of 5,000 households from around the Southeast Florida region to participate.

The goal of the travel survey is to understand the daily travel characteristics of residents in the region. Evaluating the transportation needs of residents in your area is of great importance to state and local officials to help make decisions to reduce congestion, improve roadways, sidewalks, bike paths, and public transportation.

It is important that all invited households respond, even if you do not travel very much. This is so we can get a complete picture of how and when people move about.

The survey is in two parts. In part one of the survey, we would like you to answer a few background questions about your household. A few days later, we will send you information to complete part two of the survey. For part two of the survey, we will ask you a few questions about how far, when and by what means you and your household travel from place to place.

A random selection of households has received an invitation by mail including a PIN number that is unique to each household. Participation is easy and voluntary and information collected is strictly confidential and secure.